Panzerballett – Starke Stucke

Tony William’s Lifetime – Turn it Over

Billy Cobham – Spectrum

Herbie Hancock – Headhunter

The Buddy Rich Band – Big Swing Face

Thee Michelle Gun Elephant – Gear Blues

Fucked Up - The Chemistry Of Common Life

Spoon - Girls Can Tell

Lost Horizon - A Flame to the Ground Beneath

Aikawa Nanase – R.U.O.K? [EP]

Scott “Wino” Weinrich - Punctuated Equilibrium

Estatic Fear - Sombre Dance

Insomnium - Above The Weeping World

Kalisia – Cybion

Steve Von Till - A Grave is a Grim Horse

Edge Of Sanity - Crimson

Spock's Beard - The Light

Rajna – Yahili

Sunn O))) - Monoliths & Dimensions

Grizzly Bear - Veckatimest

The Taste of Chaos Ensemble - The Taste of Chaos Ensemble Performs Mastodons Leviathan

Jeffrey Lewis - 12 Crass Songs

Kraken Duumvirate – From the Dying Soil to the Eternal Sea [EP]

Eyedea and Abilities – E&A

Denial of God – The Horrors of Satan

Waltari and Avanti! – Yeah! Yeah! Die! Die! Death Metal Symphony in Deep C

Wavves - Wavvves

Giddy Motors - Make It Pop!

Girl Talk – Feed the Animals