Golden Dawn - The Art of Dreaming

ADRIAN – One step into the Uncertain

Amarna Sky – Rising Heresy

The Chasm - The Spell of Retribution

Slipknot – All hope is gone

Dark Age – Dark Age

Inked in Blood – Awakening Vesuvius

Enchained Souls – Tears of Silence

Les Fragments de la nuit – Musique des Crepuscule

Karl Sanders – Saurion Meditation

Machinae Supremacy –The online promo’s

Lich King – Toxic Zombie Onslaught

Dawn of Tears - Descent

Atrocity – Hallucinations

Ballistic – Ballistic

Labyrinth - Return to Heaven Denied

Galneryus - Flag of Punishment

Sabbat - Dreamweaver

Manticora - Hyperion

Pagan's Mind - Celestial Entrance

Carnival in Coal – Vivalavida

Virus IV – Dark Sun

Naildown – Dreamcrusher

Spiral Architect - A Sceptic's Universe

Emplyver – Wood Woud Would

Hollenthon – Opus Magnum