Therion – Beyond Sanctorum

Acid Drinkers – High Proof Cosmic Milk

Miley Cyrus - Breakout

Rattlehead – Step Inside for the Slaughter

Hizaki Grace Project

Hizaki Grace Project – Curse of Virgo

Hizaki Grace Project – Ruined Kingdom

Versailles – Noble

Death From Above - You're A Woman, I'm A Machine

The Jesus Lizard - Liar

The Offspring - Smash

Operation Ivy - Energy

Ancestral - The Ancient Curse

Funeral for a Friend – Hours

Arkona – Vo Slavu Velkim!

Dalriada – Kikelet

Alkonost – The Path we’ve never made lands

Kalevala - Tow of Snow-white Flax

Carved in Stone – Hear the Voice

Battlelore – Sword’s Song

Dendura – New Life

Kivimetsan Druidi - Shadowheart

Crimfall - As the Path Unfolds

The Icarus Line - Penance Soiree