Hizaki Grace Project – Curse of Virgo

Hizaki Grace Project – Curse of Virgo [EP] – 4.5/5

The most recent work of this guitarist, and it must be said there is a dramatic improvement here since his last effort. Most notably, the removal of the vocalist, which I must confess I am rather glad to announce. In fact, there is no vocalist present here at all, this EP, unlike his other work, really does feel like a solo work.

And what a punch he pulls here, from the sublime keyboard intro, to the hard hitting, almost psychedelic ‘Supreme Being,’ and the neo-classical perfection of ‘Race Wish,’ a song so addictive that it actually had me searching for a guitar tab, something which I so rarely do. In the space of 23 minutes he succeeds in outstanding diversity with the inclusion of ballads, aggressive thrash styles, as well as his standard neo-classical tones galore, always retaining that strong sense of melody that initially sparked my interest. Despite this its just as well its fairly short, as otherwise this could become a rather monotonous release – and the end of the day, it is still largely built around virtuoso guitar playing. Instead, he’s extracted the best of from his previous effort and condensed it into one glorious release, which doesn’t let up for its entire run time.

Containing the track that originally sparked the decision to write this special, and coming from someone who usually sees little attraction in neo-classical work, this is highly recommended to any fan of the genre. Never again do I expect to discover a transvestite that succeeds in being as beautiful as he is proficient in wielding his instrument.

Highlights: Supreme Being, Race Wish


Duilliath said…
This shit is amazing.