Rattlehead – Step Inside for the Slaughter

Rattlehead – Step Inside for the Slaughter - 2/5

In the immortal words of Good Mourning, Black Friday “What the fuck is this?” The answer is clichéd neo-thrash. Now I can’t tell if I’m more pissed at having wasted time on this album or that there is now another piece of shit associated with the king of shit-heads himself, Mega-Dave. Mustaine might have heard this kind of treatment after The World Needs a Hero, but dammit, there are innocent thrashers like me being caught in the cross-fire. Have some decency!

No, I’m not being over-dramatic. What’s so wrong with this? Besides the fact this would have been below average if had been written 20 years, drags down the collective of ‘Deth fans everywhere, and belongs to a scene that’s rightfully accredited with being the most useless re-hash in history, not much. Now, don’t give me that look, I’m not hating because it’s neo-thrash. I like Gama Bomb and Lich King. Hell, I love Ballistic, though they aren’t generally thrown in with those kids. There are bands that can re-explore this and not come off like complete retards. This Rattlehead, on the other hand, is migraine-inducing from all the riffs I’ve heard a thousand times before, and didn’t like the first time.

Easily the most annoying part is the guitar tone. Godamn, if there’s one thing the Neos should have over their predecessors, it’s production. They should be able to find that balance between razor-sharp and space-filling, but somehow, this band thought that going for a tone that’s reminiscent of a flattened butter-knife would be a good idea. Now counter-act that with a soloing tone that sounds neo-classical, and you a have a sound more miss-matched then my black denim jacket and my mother’s polka-dotted skirt. And not the dark one, the one with pink and purple. Yeah, gross, isn’t it? The vocals, standard groove-esqe tough-guy bullshit, are hit and miss. Mostly miss, but there are times when he manages to fit the music, and still be aurally pleasing. Bless him for that. Him and the drummer, who manages to keep the beat, and throw in a decent fill to distract me form that stupid guitar tone once in a while. The bass appears two, maybe three times in the album, and the not very memorably. Shame, as that might have given the band enough of something to be enjoyable. Hell, I’d take a groove-filled album over this pile.

Good the songs flow together. The albums tracklist works fairly well, but if by some chance you have the album on shuffle, you start seeing ridiculous similarities between songs like Crystal Night and Burn the Witch. Yeah, they’ve got titles that stupid. If there was one place they might have gotten pity points, it would have been for the non-essentials; lyrics and cover art. Instead, completely asinine lyrics, and a more cartoony version of Gallery of Suicide. Step Insider for the Slaughter is absolutely terrible, feel free to avoid.

Now where did I put my Deceased CDs…