Sabbat - Dreamweaver

Sabbat - Dreamweaver (Reflections of our Yesterdays) (1989) - 5/5

A hidden masterpiece of the "proto-death metal" style of thrash that bands like Dark Angel, Kreator and Slayer pioneered.

On this album, Sabbat play like Dark Angel and and Kreator, but with increased amounts of technicality and noticeable progressive influence. Time signature and theme changes go all over the place while razor sharp, ripping riffs are fired out like machine gun bullets at varying speeds. A pounding, tank-rampage drum-beat adds to the ferocity.

Martin Walkyrier, while he uses a harsh shrieky type of vocal style, somewhat similar to Michael Petrozza of Kreator, manages to have a subtle amount of melody in his voice. Lyrically, this album is just as gripping, telling the story of a misguided Christian missionary going off to "save" the pagans, only to have his reality deconstructed right before his eyes.

If you love thrash and enjoy the works of Kreator and Slayer but wished they were more technical/progressive, check this album out.

By J. Chan