Labyrinth - Return to Heaven Denied

Labyrinth - Return to Heaven Denied - 5/5
[pass - heavymetalbreed]

On "Return to Heaven Denied", Labyrinth have basically found the perfect balance between power and progressive metal. Songs are progressively played and structured, having the type of time signature/theme-changing and sudden dynamics you'd expect from prog and Euro-style power metal's hyper-melodic, speedy riffage and drumming, as well as bombastic keyboards.

Despite of all of this, they never descend into silly, boring wankage nor do they turn into another Sonata Arctica/Rhapsody clone. They straddle the line between power and prog perfectly with none of the negativities of either genre as a part of the package.

Lots of juicy riffs and leads, beautiful solos that are both soulful and shreddy, breathtaking vocals and songs that just take you to some far away, dreamlike fantasy world.

By J. Chan