VA - Punk goes Pop! 2

Punk goes Pop! 2
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I was worried when I chose this that the review would be too long, or that I would be tempted to talk about every song on here. Turns out, there is only so much to say about a bunch of bands that think covering a song involves speeding it up a few beats, and adding screams and breakdowns, to varying degrees of success. Really only a few bands changed the song much at all, with August Burns Red being the most prime example. Now guys, I know you think it’s funny to take “Hit me Baby…” and just scream and slam a lot, and while it is about the equal of the original, trading listen-ability for musical technicality, but this just sucks. I understand you only know how to play one way, but that means you shouldn’t be on this comp. Srsly, GTFO.

With the exception of ABR turning normal pop bullshit into post-hardcore bullshit, most bands followed a formula that involved taking the radio hit in question, speeding it up a little, replacing keys with guitars, and adding screams to the choruses. Of course, being stupid commercial post-hardcore bands, they forget how to play their instruments about two thirds of the way through and cover with some br00tal breakdowns until they remember how the song ends. Not a whole lot of originality here folks. Considering the songs are what they are, you can bet if you like either the originals or the artist covering them, you’ll like this.

Because once I got over my ‘false elitism’ this is surprisingly fun. Granted, not everything on here is good, and the breakdowns really hurt the enjoyability of most songs, but I found myself singing along and rocking out more then once. Prime culprits for this startling lack of hate are Silversteen’s “Apologize”, A Day to Remember’s “Over my Head”, Escape the Fate’s “Smooth”, The Cab’s “Disturbia”, A Static Lullaby’s “Toxic”, Four Year Strong’s “ Love Song”, and Attack Attack!’s “I Kissed a Girl”. Those paying attention will notice the second half has a run of good songs to close the compilation, and the first half has a few scattered around. That may be helpful if you choose to download.

If you’re bored and you like post-hardcore and pop music, give this a shot. Alternatively, if you just want something to talk about with that one girl that thinks hardcore took off in the nineties. Whatever.