The Mad Caddies - Just One More

Album: Just One More
Artist: The Mad Caddies
Released: 2003
Rating: 3.5/5

Post-millenial ska-punk is a pretty boring genre for the most part. Most of the bands sound the same and original ideas are scarce. That's why it's nice to hear bands like The Mad Caddies who are willing to do things a little differently.

Rather than just play ska-punk by numbers, The Mad Caddies prefer to mix in lots of various other genres. One song might be a quick burst of hardcore, then another will be Latin-influenced ska, and another will have jazz and swing influences. The diversity helps set The Mad Caddies apart from other groups and keeps the album from getting old.

The Mad Caddies have termed what they do "softcore" and, accordingly, the album is pretty relaxed, other than a few hardcore tunes. The album just rolls along at a midtempo-slightly fast pace and is a generally pleasant experience. My main problem with the album is that it's too poppy. On some of the songs it's not a problem, but other songs I just have a hard time listening to because of how poppy they are.

The vocals are sweetly sung and have nice harmonies throughout, seemingly most inflenced by pop-punk without getting overly nasal. The guitars vary between standard midtempo syncopated ska punk playing and occasional touches of other genres, such as the aforementioned hardcore, Latin, swing, or even bits of cowpunk and lounge. The horns are all tight and smooth throughout, with a nice full bodied sound, adding the right accents everywhere and occasionaly becoming the focus of some songs.

Just One More is a mixed bag, but it's still a step above your average ska/punk album.

Highlights: "Drinking For 11", "Villains", "10 West"