Rumpelstiltskin Grinder – Living for Death, Destroying the Rest

Rumpelstiltskin Grinder – Living for Death, Destroying the Rest – 3.5/5

Admittedly bought after seeing the front cover, with a band name as they present I had no hopes of discovering anything more than a retro thrash band capable of producing fun music to band your head to, and on that front they deliver. If you’re looking for something original, or a band with an unconventional creativity then you’re in the wrong place. Those looking for a fun time, you could do a lot worse.

From the opening line, “Do you want to be immortal,” their strong influences from hardcore punk make themselves apparent, with many slower grooves emerging, and are actually performed well. In this manner the guitars succeed in producing more than just a change of pace from the exodus-style shredded solo’s (which are not forgotten in this album), but also an addictive to riff to help distinguish between tracks, and which end up constituting some of the stronger points on this album.

The bass is often lost in the background to the guitars, but thankfully the same cant be said for the drums, providing an ever present beat, he performs with enough changes such as not to feel underused, but perhaps lacking those small fills and intersections that separate the ‘good’ from the ‘great.’ Instead, the final punch emerges from the vocalist, who whilst can feel monotonous at times, has a certain ‘bouncy’ thrash tone which only accentuates the lyrics. Filled with morbid jokes about robot spys, undefeatable skull weapons and digging up dead bodies to rape, it makes a refreshing change of pace to hear a thrash band who aren’t taking their subject matter at all seriously.

This band never intended to break any new ground. They weren’t aiming to do anything especially creative or unique, or even ‘be the best.’ They took the genre and had fun with it, and that attitude resonates throughout this album. You won’t find anything here that blows your mind, but you will find something new to thrash to for a while whilst chuckling along with their morbid humour.

Highlights: Nothing Defeats the Skull, Brainwasher C. 1655, Sewers of Doom (Dethroning The Tyrant Pt.1)