Adorior – Author of Incest

Adorior – Author of Incest – 4/5

Described as Black/Death, this genre only fits them so far, as the reality is it doesn’t really fit on either side. Rather, imagine a melodic crash between Exodus and Slayer, who both happen to be overdosing on steroids and you get a rather apt description of what to expect. Taking thrash beyond the normal levels of aggression this leaves you with a beautiful chaos, an overwhelming feeling of sadistic anarchy within which to revel.

The drumming features prominent blast beat work, at times bordering the excessive, but rather than constitute a drawback, it feels perfectly at home within the frantic framework, rather than another ‘standard requirement.’ Mixing it up with creative fills and changes, careful to maintain a presence without becoming too monotonous the drums demonstrate their prowess. The bass adds to the depth, in a rather simplistic manner, but the mere fact his presence is so easily recognised is a benefit in itself.

As mentioned before, the riffing doesn’t really adhere to either side of the extreme spectrum. Provided by the same man who brought us Destroyer666, upbeat tremolo riffs, with an air of old school tech death about them combine with shredded solo’s to illustrate their thrashy sound, to yield an unusual hybrid style that seems to straddle in the middle of all three. Hyper-aggressive thrash that fits perfectly within the atmosphere, they combine well in the mix to feel as though they are working with the backing, rather than on top of it.

With titles such as the opener “Hater of F--king Humans,” you can be rest assured the vocals aren’t going to be the weak link here. Spitting a venomous rage, if not for the unusually high pitched voice you would never have guessed this was a woman piercing you with her growls (and even then, you could have mistaken it for a rather small, effeminate man, Laiho anyone?).

No, rather the main drawback to this album stems from its lack of variation. The slower more melodic passages feel more like a brief interlude between the main focus, and results in a rather monotonous album, which whilst consistent is rather unmemorable. What this album does provide, however, is the most aggressive thrash I have ever had the pleasure of listening to. Not content with raw aggression for the sake of it either, they combine melody with an intense furiosity that simply needs to be heard to believe.

Highlights: Hater of F--king Humans, Birth of Disease, Author of Incest