Kraken Duumvirate – From the Dying Soil to the Eternal Sea [EP]

Kraken Duumvirate – From the Dying Soil to the Eternal Sea [EP] - 4/5

Atmosphere is the name of the game for the Finnish band Kraken Duumvirate. While this is technically Black metal, it is far closer to funeral doom then anything kvlt or gr1m that comes to mind. Their logo, name, and album title give the entire set a distinct sea theme, which fits well with the band’s experimental nature. It’s fitting that the title suggests breaking away from the ‘dying soil’ of the cold wintry plains of the past BM greats and intends to go forth into something new and ‘eternal’. Dream big boys, you’ll have a lot of work to do to keep up with that kind of mentality.

As mentioned, this band is all about slow and atmosphere, which is, if nothing else, a refreshing change of pace. The drumming is restrained, setting a somber pace for the repetitive pickings of the guitar that no more for atmosphere then they do for the song. Vocals are distant, echoes, scenery instead of a clear focus. The songs are long and don’ do much in there progression other then continue to paint a picture that was completed minutes ago. I suppose to really get this, you have to put yourself in the mindset of the story, of a submarine going down, the desperation of a crew, a brutal ending by the hands of some aquatic monster.

If you’re looking for blackened ambiance and a cool story, this is for you. Just don’t go into it expecting normal black metal. I find this to be an excellent EP, but I fear for what the band might do with a full-length. I like some cool music to fall asleep to as much as the next guy, but I don’t feel this has the type of variety that could carry a band through a full hour. Then again, there is that weird drone trend….