Estatic Fear - Sombre Dance

Band : Estatic Fear
Album : Sombre Dance
Rating : 5/5
Link :

This is a symphonic doom metal band hailing from Austria . However, this is highly influenced by classical music , not neo-classical as in Malmsteen or something , but classical as in Mozart or Bach, with the use of instruments such as lute, cellos, pianos and violins. Wait I know what you're thinking, this is just one of those bands who decided to start using classical instruments similar to what many bands are trying to do these days in a trendy way, specialy folk metal bands, and yet very few manage to succeed in, this band is one of these few.

Back to the instruments used, the mix of classical instruments with guitars creates a complex yet simple song structure . The guitars are used emotionaly and to serve the purpose of creating a misty romantic atmosphere, not with the purpose of having a fast solo or anything like that. The drums are sort of downtuned as they really neednt be loud in a slow atmospheric doom album, yet they have some remarkable appearances, bass also isnt thick and it's lack of presence as a key instrument is hidden by the amazing piano and in some cases guitar leads.

You'd expect the use of female vocals with some harsh ones, but this isnt your average beauty and the beast sort of vocals, the female vocalists has an angelic voice with a much soothing touch to it, as for the harsh vocals, they're executed with passion ranging from high pitched growls, to a less pitched grunts all done in a slow doomy way.

The production is perfect, all the instruments are clearly audible and manages to create a soothing atmosphere that would easily paint a beautiful image in one's head. Also, the outro of a song is the intro of the next one, which helps in the flow of this album in a calm manner. The lyrics are only described as beautiful , for instance "You spoke to me with loathed glow And thus have though not kept thy vow For when thy shadow sprang on me I closed my eyes in ecstasy " with some German words used.

If you like doom, get this, If you like classical music, get this, If you like decent music whatever it's genre is, get this.