Insomnium - Above The Weeping World

Band : Insomnium
Album : Above The Weeping World
Link :
Rating : 4/5

Whenever people seem to come across the term Melodic Death Metal, Most instantly think Gothenburg watered down Death Metal , This band hails from Finland which has it's good share of watered down melodic death metal to be honest, but has it's good deal of talented authentic melodic death bands, Insomnium fall under the second category taking an emotional approach to the MDM genre, yes you've read right, emotional, without sounding like you average Inflames/ Dark Tranquillity clones.

The highly melodic guitar tone is what distinguishes this album amongst it's peers, with an emotional edge to it creating a dark atmosphere , this is truely a guitar driven album with catchy riffs and yet memorable. Also some acoustics are used in a rather rare method , the song doesnt slow down in order for them to be used such as Opeth's acoustic interludes for example, but theyre thrown in unexpected passages of the song and yet manage perfectly to deliver the required effect . There isnt much of a guitar solo because the guitars are used as a background for the vocals, doesnt undergo their great tone though, you'd probably notice I've spoken alot of the guitars because as I've said, this is pretty much guitar driven.

As for the vocals , they're nothing special , except for having a slight emotional edge to them during the growls which were perfectly blended with the guitars. The drumms are perfectly executed as the drummer changes pace quickly helping in the change of pace of the song doing some great fills, also double bass pedals were used in notable passages. The bass is nothing speciale but is very audible during the whole album.

If you think all MDM is watered down and Gothenburg crap, I highly recommend you check this out.

Highlights : In The Groves Of Death, Change Of Heart.

EDIT: Mark changed at request of the original reviewer - Tom. B


icipher said…
Excellent album.
T. Bawden said…
*Strongly* disagree with this review. It may not be a generic Gothenburg clone, but it still rather bland. I'd have probably gone with 4/5 - and they should be happy to have that.
icipher said…
I think Noumena is a better band, though.