Blood Ceremony – Blood Ceremony

Blood Ceremony – Blood Ceremony – 4/5

Doom? Not usually my thing, some decent bluesy riffs reminiscent of Sabbath but alone, not really too interested. Then comes the flute…and the organ (read: ACTUAL organ, not a keyboard), and alright, my interest has peaked, and with the female vocals on top damnit if this isn’t pretty good.

Opening with a faded in organ, you quickly realise this isn’t your standard doom affair, and with a crash of the drums come the almost clutch-esque blues groove supplying the rhythm for the track. The drumming is competent, slow and clearly heard, which I wish could be said for the bass, which all too often falls behind letting the rest of the band carry the track forward.

The guitars are wonderfully worked, certainly up to the standard of some of the greater in the genre, providing wonderful variance in the deep crunchy tone, he provides some excellent riffs to carry the sound, and even the odd solo here and there, but this alone would not be enough to promote it to something special. No, the final part of this line up is the vocalist, and it is through her we gain something a bit different.

Occasionally using an organ, often using the flute, regardless of the instrument she chooses to wield this adds an extra layer, feeling perfectly at home in the slow groove of the track it adds a unique flavour to the solid, if basic backdrop. The vocals she provides too, feels unique yet perfectly in place, as thought reminiscent of someone, without being to place precisely where.

This is an album that shakes things up a little. For the most part, your getting solid old school doom, that whilst becomes a little repetitive, is made the extra bit special with flutes dancing around the addictive deep riffs, and firmly disagreeing that women can’t have a deep enough voice to play the genre. Female fronted doom with flutes and organs. Well it gets my vote.

Highlights: Master of Confusion, Into the Coven, Hop Toad