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IOSYS – JeuXinTerdiTs

Posted by T. Bawden Thursday, 11 February 2010

IOSYS – JeuXinTerdiTs [EP] – 4/5

Expect this to be a very short review, simply because there is little to be said; another doujin release from the hands of neo-classical guitar wizard ‘Minami,’ it is this time around that the music is not based around ‘touhou’ but are instead original compositions. With the guitar work inevitably taking the lead, it feels important to note that this instrumental power metal release at no point feels thin either in regards to sound or content. The drumming feels raw and full enough to keep up if performing nothing particularly special, and the bass has a strong enough presence to assist with the rhythm.

But whilst both elements are prominent, well produced and readily heard in the end result, this is all about the lead guitars; meandering and soaring, this isn’t just a man proving he can play quickly, but rather 24 minutes of groove-laden riffs, neo-classical shredding, soft emotional passages, jazzy chords and more. Each track brings something new to the fold, and whilst not radically redesigning his style – the tracks still maintain a coherency to one another – it remains fresh and interesting throughout the entire length of the EP.

The music is compositionally fairly basic without any need for overt technicality, and it is this simplicity that gives it an odd addictive quality that serves to lend a superb replay value. It is hardly original in its style or execution but it’s simply uncomplicated music that is performed well. Everything feels balanced; its never so long to as get boring or feel monotonous, yet never so short to feel unfinished; there are plenty of neo-classical shredded moments but it never forgets the melody, often reverting back to a slower groove. In short, if you liked ‘Marco Sfogli’ or Hizaki’s ‘Curse of Virgo,’ then you’ll like this (or if you know neither of those artists and want more instrumental guitar virtuosity, need all three).

Highlights: Jeux Interdits, Mother Goddess




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