Grand Magus – The Hunt

Grand Magus – The Hunt – 4.5/5

In the days where Traditional Metal seem to be numbered – Traditional Doom doesn't fare much better – and out of vogue, and even though sees constant popularity and respect shown towards those thirty or more than years old, the number of good modern examples always seem to be counted on one hand. The odd release here or there maybe, but Grand Magus have always seemed to be able to consistently produce the goods, and this album is no different. The doom influences that once populated their works have taken a progressively further back seat, occasionally heard in some of their bluesier tones but now largely dropped for their Viking themed, retro inspired, hard hitting anthems with just a hint of folk. It might all seem so simple but somehow it never comes across as feeling flat or boring; that it isn't capable of bringing something new to the table.

Ok, so their last album was a little disappointing compared to their magnum opus, 'Iron Will,' and the opening here sounds like it might have been on an AC/DC album, but Grand Magus have a gift that doesn't seem to allow them to write a bad song. Even at their worst, they're still capable of churning out riff after riff of epic heavy goodness, the thick bass lines and hard hitting drums bested only by the roaring epic vocal lines and chorus' that beg you just to try to sing along with his baritone, emerging from a front man constantly reminding us of why he should be crowned King of his style. Disbelievers can try out "Son of the Last Breath" which probably ranks as of the best of their careers so far. If somehow you've remained oblivious to their world and have never heard them before, prepare for an epic roller coaster ride, roaring thunderously through the- you know what, why are you still reading this? Go buy it already.

Highlights: Starlight Slaughter, Storm King, Son of the Last Breath