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Vivisick – Respect and Hate

Posted by T. Bawden Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Whilst a genre lately I've been becoming interested in of late, only the likes of “Mind of Asian” and “Red Bacteria Vacuum” have seen their review here thus far. Do you have any idea how hard it is to write reviews on powerviolence bands? This shit ain't that diverse! The vocals are all screamed and the guitars are not that different; quite frankly there isn't an awful lot between them. Writing my normal sized reviews has not worked, and I've been struggling with it until I've hit this ridiculous backlog, so say hello to my bitesized chunks of the Japanese underground. I think I'll call it a special and hope nobody notices.

Vivisick – Respect and Hate – 4.5/5

It seems as though Vivisick is the sort of band I've been hunting around for. It's not quite as raw and constantly trying to be in your face which can ultimately make for a relatively monotonous affair, but neither are they as concerned with creating as much of a bouncy beat, forgetting the energy along the way; rather it seems like they've got the balance of the two just right. Tracks opening with what sounds like demonic entities complaining in the back of an office, short solos that scream out 'actually, I can play guitar, this is a stylistic choice fucktard' and an ever present hint that actually this one might sound coherent before they invariably lose self control moments later and sound like they're trying to break things. The energy could be mistaken for a live album as it sounds like they might well be running around the room and bouncing off the padded walls of their room at the mental hospital, clutching onto their instruments as though their lives depended on it. If you took only one release from this special, Vivisick should probably be the recipient of your bandwidth.




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