Slight Slappers – A Selfish World Called Freedom

Slight Slappers – A Selfish World Called Freedom – 3.5/5

With a touch of doom to some of their tracks, they use the slow grind of the genre to catapult into full blown powerviolence territory, performing at a pace that would make most others do a double take, but it never really feels like this contrast is used to its full potential. There's certainly nothing in particular they get wrong (actually, I wonder how far wrong you can really go with such a simplistic formula) and the dissonance in many of the tracks works wonders; the underutilised dual guitars colliding into one another creating a tremendous sense of anarchy to the proceedings. It simply doesn't hit all the right notes, and particularly with so many tracks clocking in at about half a minute it doesn't feel like they really fleshed them out, instead leaving it feeling a touch like filler material, which when each track ends in a few seconds long fade out, can present something of a problem. And with quarter of the album spent playing an unexpected but not unwelcome ballad track, it does make you wonder just what happened to the rest of their material.