S41 – S41

S41 – S41 – 4/5

It's hard not to be impressed by an album that opens with a sadistic laugh – they know what's coming next – before everything kicks off at such a blistering pace that your hair gets blown back like on a rollercoaster or a bad cartoon. Sitting without moving your head back from the sheer force of the air coming through the speakers and preventing your cheeks shaking from it all being blown into your face feels like a serious issue to be dealt with, and it doesn't exactly come with a 'how to' guide either. Any brief respite should be utilised to catch your breath again, and do it quickly because you never know when the next drop in the rollercoaster ride is coming from, except that it probably won't be long. There's nothing smart or clever about the way these guys play. There's no gimmicks to behold and no frills to their music, but for ten minutes these guys show everyone precisely what powerviolence is all about.