Romantic Gorilla – Romantic Gorilla

Romantic Gorilla – Romantic Gorilla – 3.5/5

And now its time for my bizarre pick of the bunch. If I had to make one comparison for this female fronted assault on the senses it would be 'Carnival in Coal,' not so much in style but more in sensibility (or their inherent lack of it). With short and snappy tracks about kittens, getting drunk, and what actually happened last night, they seem to throw away the usual destructive and violent attitude for something more comically inspired, and despite the comparatively short track lengths – even for powerviolence – it works for their simplistic performance style, each track ending before it overstays its welcome. In many ways, however, it feels rather middle of the road; they don't really slow down any more than is required to make their melodies known, but neither does it really have the time to develop into a full on fury. The production is sufficient to make each instrument heard without losing too much of the raw energy, but it all feels a little too focussed on being catchy rather than chaotic.