Fuck on the Beach – Power Violence Forever

Fuck on the Beach – Power Violence Forever – 2/5

As beautifully raw as the vocals are, they sound a lot like the sound of a cat vomiting, which may well be a plus to some but for me just seems a little disappointing. They also have a dreadful habit – or impressive ability if you like – to remain pitch perfect but only at the one pitch. None of this is helped by the fact that a good portion of the tracks are comprised of literally two chords, a plodding bass line and repetitive blast beats with no variation or fills, particularly during the sections meant to sound the most aggressive and high tempo, but rather than sound chaotic it just sounds repetitive; like the same second or two of a record skipping in a loop. The production does everything I could have wanted from it and prevents it from truly scraping the bottom of the barrel, but if there ever was a case for “powerviolence done badly,” Fuck on the Beach make a persuasive argument.