Breakfast – Classic Six Packs

Breakfast – Classic Six Packs – 3.5/5

One of the slowest of the powerviolence bands in my collection, everything in the production feels a touch to bass heavy robbing the vocals of much of their bite, and leaving them feeling rather monotonous, which isn't helped by the overwhelming 'noisiness' of the guitars at times which doesn't pick up on the speed of the playing and instead leaves it feeling a little blurred. That said, the lead guitar certainly has a distinctive twang to them that reminds me of skacore (one track even uses trumpets!), and whilst this prevents it from ranking amongst the most energetic performances around, it has a certain bouncy fun vibe to it; it sounds less enraged as it does deviously anarchistic, wanting to cause chaos in the streets just because it might be fun. Piano and acoustic guitar solos break up the monotony in this relatively short release, but ultimately it's just a brief respite for a sound that whilst not quite like anything I've ever heard, sounds all too similar all to quickly, largely thanks to the production problems. This reeks of a live-only band being told they had to release something.