LIL – Synchronize

LIL – Synchronize - 4/5

Needing music for my imminent trip to the Big Apple, I quickly nabbed this recommendation and it wasn't until the flight that I actually sat down to listen to what on earth it was that I'd gotten my hands on. Enter that infernal “Fedde Le Grand” brand of intelligence (even if you think you haven't heard of the guy, you probably have) inherent in the repeated lyrics, if not quite to the same extent, and what seems like little more creativity in the basic backing beats. Yup, shown to me in passing I'd have probably quickly passed up on it rather quickly, but now I've listened to it more extensively I'm able to see its merits, which is a little worrying. In fact I'm half wondering if it wouldn't have been better if I had skipped it.

From a technical stand-point their capabilities are subtle but not absent; the beats don't simply loop but morph in a manner more akin to a rock song – I'm referring more to the chords from Nickelback than the riffs from Purple here, there aren't exactly any face-melting solo's on offer here – except of course with that electro/techno tone to the proceedings, progressing in a manner that prevents the tracks from stagnating. The versatility between the tracks is quite impressive when you get down to it as well; “Black Wall,” packs a genre defying punch; “My Favourite Song” takes things to a glitch break in the style that would do genre pioneers proud, and then in a moment all this can change for a track like “Watching You” that plays like a balladic love song complete with guest rapping. Ambient overtones, catchy chorus lines, furious beats and rock sensibilities and yet for all this diversity it remains remarkably consistent, never losing it's identity; the ever present and none the less versatile vocals coupled with the similar beat tempo and style keeps them grounded and familiar.

LIL plays like exactly the kind of electronica I despise; repetitive, mind numbing and with catchy rhythms that will stay in your head for days, forcing you to accidentally sing along far more effectively than most forms of brainwashing and yet for some reason I can't turn it off. Fuck you Japan and fuck you LIL. Thanks to you I've taken one step closer to the mindless drones of the masses; I've been infected by your viral beats and I know there can be no turning back. Once that initial hatred and built-in despision arising from my metal upbringing is eroded away it subtly leaks into the back of your mind, spreading like a plague and rooting itself too deep to ever remove. Save yourself for this kitten has claws and she doesn't let go.

Highlights: Girl in the Mirror, Just a Way, Black Wall