Sonic Coaster Pop – Super Miracle Circuit

Sonic Coaster Pop – Super Miracle Circuit – 3/5 [EP]

I tried to end my cycle of listening back to my normal routine but it wasn’t long before I found myself suckered back. It would seem my taste is beyond even my control, and so without further ranting I come onto yet another short Shibuya-Kei gem. Along similar lines to most of the others I have thus far mentioned, the overt electronic melodies whilst not as frenetically cut as others have lost nothing in the pacing. Instead what results is not so much 20 minutes of sugar-coated fluffy picopop as much as it is the result of too much sugar; the unrelenting tempo like your heartbeat in overdrive, frantically bouncing to the addictive substance pulsating through your mind.

The vocals are if anything – rather sadly – the weak link in this piece. In other artists work you’ll often find them either gently whispered to great effect (e.g. Strawberry Machine) or high pitched and childish (e.g. Hazel Nuts Chocolate), or at the very least processed to sound appropriate for the electronic backing (e.g. Marino) whilst hiding their inexperience. Here they receive no such treatment, left bare and bouncy but ultimately fairly mid-pitched and feeling perhaps a little unenthused (though admittedly this may be seen as an advantage to many disliking the high pitched tone). Fortunately their position in the production is further embedded within the backing beats so as to not become too prominent.

Assuming you make it past the introductory track it won’t be long before you hit this synth laden backing, high speed drum programming and various 8-bit effects frantically covering the background in a bizarrely dissonant yet perfectly suited manner, playing in the background accenting the main rhythm without drawing too much attention to its chaotic demeanour. Make no mistake about it, this music really is like taking a shot of adrenaline. The frantic pace and aggressive beats combine with a lavish coating of dazzling effects to produce a far more effective stimulant than that cup of coffee nearby, and eventually it does all get a bit much. This music is a little bit like crack; addictive and great at getting the heart pumping, but best in short doses (as well as coming with an advisory warning for those with a weak heart).

Highlights: SOCOPOGOGO, Super Speed Pop*Star, Shooting-*