Guilt Machine - On This Perfect Day

Guilt Machine - On This Perfect Day – 4.5/5
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Whenever the name" Arjen A. Lucassen" is mentioned, the first idea that comes to our mind is "Ayreon". I won't deny it; I'm a big fan of "Ayreon". Here "Arjen" comes to us in a different suite, "Guilt Machine". A work that might share some resemblances with other projects, namely "Ayreon", it's still unique in its own right. The name "Guilt Machine" relates to what we shall be exposed to, a spectrum of dark and relentless emotional experience that focuses guilt, remorse, shame… "On This Perfect Day" is one of those albums where we must not expect mind stunning instrumentation, something that leaves us forget about what the album tries to deliver and rest focusing on, for instance, "How the hell do you play that solo?". We should expect an album that we listen to thoroughly, from beginning to end, while being moved by what is delivered. I listened to it numerous times, with each time feeling as if it's my first time to be exposed.

One of my favorite aspects of this album is the vocals done by "Jasper Steverlinck". We can easily say the man must be tormented in his life, though there'd be still an air of mystique that surrounds it. "Season of Denial" always gets me for its strength and delicacy. "Lori Linstruth" always comes to us each song with guitar soloing that is harmonious and going with what is going on. It is melodic, yet also elegant. She wrote the lyrics to this album. The lyrics smartly portrayed the dark atmosphere and emotions of this album without being a silly rant of a depressed mind. I respect her. "Chris Maitland" was a good choice for drumming. He can be really powerful, and can be really gentle. He won't go unnoticed as "the dude who played drums". The album can be a melancholic voyage. The music ranges from heavy riffs bombarding us to soft moves that are in agreement with what we will be hearing. A smart move in this album is the recorded messages we shall hear. Fans from all over the world, in their language and way, would be heard expressing their feelings in quick flashes as we move through. I am sure we won't understand all, but we will feel them.

Although the album isn't as diverse as we might expect it to be, it surly is worth the purchase. No one let the song lengths intimidate you, it pass without us feeling the time. This is a great concept by a great mastermind. We play the album, and then all of a sudden it ends this how it honestly happened with me. There is no fooling around or trying to be "genius", it just comes out naturally. Here is a good example of how theme and music goes along well. Now turn around and face the darker side of you…

Highlights: Season of Denial, Green and Cream


Lori L - guilt machine said…
Thanks very much for the nice review of our album. Such a shame about the download links, though.
Tom B said…
You know, when I said I'd remove links at the artists wish, I wasn't just saying that. Say the word and they'll disappear.