Exploration into Ambient Darkwave

So welcome to my exploration into the genre of Ambient Darkwave. The most likely question; what on earth is that? Beginning from the roots, there was a specific movement within post-punk called ‘New Wave’ (Echo and the Bunnymen, Human League, etc). This then combined with Goth Rock to form ‘Darkwave’ (e.g. The Cure). Shortly after, this splintered into two directions, one became known as ‘Ethereal Darkwave,’ the other ‘Neoclassical Darkwave;’ the former is categorised but gentle, high pitched ‘ethereal’ vocals, often with a simple piano backing; the latter uses more prominent choral vocals and complex orchestral arrangements. Both can be considered ambient in tone, hence the grouped heading. Personally, I think both terms are overly complicated and retarded for such a simple atmospheric tone.

But since there can be no substitute for actually hearing what they sound like for yourself:

Neoclassical Darkwave
Ethereal Darkwave

This would be my confession part of the introduction. I had entirely forgotten about this, and left it half finished. I actually wrote these perhaps two months ago? So felt I should cut it short and just post what I had.

Included in this mini-special
Dark Sanctuary's "Les Memoires Blessees"
Chaostar's "Underworld"
Elend's "Les Tenebres Du Dehors"
Samsas Traum's "O Luna Mein"

Other artists that I had pencilled for review include: Dead Can Dance (one of the originators of the style), Arcana, Bolverk and Die Verbannten Kinder Evas.