Lucifugum – Sectane Satani

Lucifugum – Sectane Satani – 4/5

So naturally this exploration into the genre is to include the artist the spurred the idea, the owners of the ‘Propaganda666’ label (whom many of the bands reviewed are signed under) and musicians in their own right, this duo of Stabaath on vocals and guitars and Khylst programming the drums and writing the lyrics provides a healthy dose of raw evil-toned goodness, icily distorted and demonically cackled; what it lacks in variety it more than compensates for in attitude and complete belief in their purpose.

Make no mistake about it, if satanic themes are a concern of yours (one would perhaps question why you’re reading reviews on black metal), then this is one to avoid. Shrieked with an absolute conviction, this falls into that slim category of artists who leave no question as to whether they’re using it as a gimmick or not. The drums are programmed with a startling variety, the mechanical tone may often feel out of place in many line-ups but here feel completely at home, prominently blasting its way through the fuzzed out production this artist sports.

The twin guitars are often simplistic tremolo riffs, blended into the track to supply the heart of the rhythm, none to memorable but heavily distorted with an icy cold treble-tastic tone, performed with a chaotic dissonance the bass provides a subtle bombastic pulsating tone, allowing the guitars to provide their fill of high-pitched melodies. Whilst fitting the tone of the music, superbly produced to provide the integral wall of sound whilst still allowing for a melody to develop, don’t feel special on their own. Once again, the main attraction comes from the vocal prowess of Stabaath, demonically cackling, shrieking and hissing with a venomous intensity that has never felt more powerful. Oozing with a ferocious determination as with her other work it doesn’t take long to forget this is performed by a human and not some possessed demonic entity, let alone a woman!

With only one track written in English (the rest in Russian – their native tongue), the lyrics are awe-inspiring and once again leave no illusion to their intentions with the music, and whilst the smoother sound detracts from the vocal attack, this is only a minor issue and feels a shame that no translation was provided after the effort that had gone into their work. Even the level of detail in the grim-looking cover is awe-inspiring, with demonic imagery of Christ on the cross upside down, dark caverns and dying angels, this may not be the most unique or experimental in style, but its one of the most fanatical and believable releases of modern times. In their own words “Though apostles are already fed by his flesh and lie lifeless, we continue the devastating procession.”

Highlights: Track 1, Track 3