Celesty - Vendetta

Band: Celesty
Album: Vendetta
Rating: 5/5
Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?jyjqutjzoxt

The thing about Power Metal is that: it has become quite a skewed genre recently, with some bands doing all sorts of comical things on it which they claim to be experiments and then we have the cloning of Power/Prog scene (Dream Theater clones), so of course with all the stupidity in session you have to get this genre right when you play it and Celesty after a few errors on their previous albums have done just that. For those of you not familiar with them; Celesty are a Power metal band from Senajoki, Finland.

So its not often that I come across a flawless album put together by a seemingly all round skilled band. From the powerful varying vocals of Antti to the fluidity of Juha on the keys, this album proves to be a masterpiece to behold. The most impressive aspect of the album is its consistency, whilst certain tracks like Autumn Leaves and Legacy of Hate pt3 may become fixed in your memory, the album can proudly boast of having all rounded strong structure.

To come to the music itself, its pretty flawlessly executed. First the vocals, Antti’s singing seems to have gotten even better than last album, his variation of tones especially his harsh vocal touch on Legacy of hate pt3 is pure genius. He also seems to have no trouble in clean vocals; although the instrument play is loud (having gone for epic approach) Antti’s vocals seldom seem to be relegated merely as background play.

And then there are the instruments themselves, which not only have been played skillfully but have also complemented each other brilliantly in all the tracks. The drumming blends in perfectly with the song, setting the pace for it and providing the epic feel to the tracks, Ari’s work on the bass has be given a special nod here for its consistency, speed and its combination with Rhythm guitars and the drums. It’s true when they say that a bassist is ridiculously underrated.

Mesmerizing I repeat is the impression given off by the keyboardist, like so many of his counterparts, Juha seems to have no problem in doing fast and melodic solos between the songs, but its his basic key signatures that provide a truly soulful atmosphere to all the tracks. It also has to be taken into account how his keyboard play blends in so well with the riffs and the rhythm guitars.

The two guitarists also have been nothing short of brilliant on this album, carrying the structure of the songs so well even providing duets. It would be a crime to ignore Tapani’s obvious skill on guitar, whilst he may be on the Rhythm guitars, by no means does he fail to fuse with the riffs of the lead guitarist and of course blending with the bassist when required. Teemu, on the other hand, looks as if he had underrated his ability over the years, but he certainly hasn’t been shy in doing the solos on this album. From melodic lightning riffs to breathtaking emotional solos, Teemu displays it all.

Another point worthwhile noting would be, that despite being gifted with instrumental skill, none of the members have gone to be over-technical in their play, which serves the purpose of this album nicely. And of course, the tracks never fail to hypnotize by drawing you in their epic atmosphere.

So on a final note, I think this album is a must have for anyone who thinks he likes Power metal or for anyone interested in metal in general. In fact, if you have read this far then you really ought to stop reading and start downloading.

Highlights: Autumn Leaves, Dark Emotions, Like Warriors, Legacy Of Hate pt3