Amateur Transplants – Fitness to Practice

Amateur Transplants – Fitness to Practice – 3/5

Another one that has been on my list for far too long; this is a collection of comical covers and original works, largely focussing on their chosen career paths in medicine within London. Starting out as a local comical band, their rendition of “London Underground” (a cover of the Jam’s “Going Underground”) quickly saw them rise to fame; initially raising money for charity they have since gone to enjoy regular performances in the London area. Both Adam and Kay and Simon Biswas who make up the group perform vocals and keyboards, alternating with each other and aptly performing simple tunes to complement the all important vocals.

From a technical stand point the quality is pretty poor; the vocals from both members feel incapable of holding the melody as well as many other professionals, but serves the purpose of carrying the lyrics without detracting from the result. The keyboards show a distinct lack of variety, often using a basic piano whilst the other of the pair handles the vocals, it often feels bare and even the occasional use of acoustic guitar and saxophone sprinkled throughout its hour long run time can’t raise the standard in this regard.

But none of that matters, because if you’re listening to this for their musical abilities you’re listening for the wrong reasons; it is the delectable laugh-out-loud lyrics that will often send you reeling back hysterically, not in the least from their eponymous ‘London Underground,’ acting as the voice of the city against the incompetence of much of the staff complaining, but they don’t end there. Before this album is finished they will have explained why women can’t drive, destroyed any of your Disney memories, reminded you what you REALLY learnt in school and extensively ridiculed the northerners for being northern.

Unfortunately many of the more medically orientated tracks fall flat on those without the required background, and I fear that many not from the UK would be equally lost with some of the other tracks, but despite this issue the album deserves a listen for those gems where they have struck a comical genius. This never intended to become more than fun between friends, taking a humorous approach to dark subjects such as HIV, AIDS and Cancer; cocking up surgery, Tony Blair bastardising the NHS and ridiculous worthless new drugs they are forced to push, and it is here that they manage to do a superb job.

Highlights: Nothing at All, Disney Time, London Underground, Careless Surgeon, What I Went to SKL 4