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Warlock - Burning The Witches

Posted by T. Bawden Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Warlock - Burning The Witches - 3.5/5

It is no secret that I have lustfully wished to be woven into the fabric of the skin tight leather pants of one Doro Pesch. But outside of being the object of my desire, she was also the highly talented centerpiece of German metal mavens Warlock. An excitable and solid speed metal unit, Warlock burst onto the scene with the promising debut, Burning The Witches.

I say promising, because while this album is stuffed full of twin guitar pyro, the soaring siren call of Doro herself, and a typically perfectionist German engineered mix, it does suffer a bit from a few songs being doomed to the regrettable "filler" status. But please, don't let this deter you from trying out this offering, because when it flies, it flies proud and strong.

As I stated, the guitar work on this album really shines. Rudy Graf and Peter Szigetti simply sizzle, as they slash and burn each track with high science soloing, and dependable riffing. Doro's sonorous and distinct vocals are clear and powerful, her presence a notable factor in the metal magic contained in the grooves. The drums are a little stiff for the speedy might attempted on the disc, and are also slightly hampered by that synthetic drum sound common in many '80's offerings at the time. But this is small complaint, as the album as a whole sounds great.

If one chooses to investigate this strong debut from Warlock, think the heaviest of the Scorpions, or about par with Accept in terms of whomp. A great kick off to one of those unsungs, Burning The Witches is a crunchy metal feast for the ears, and a good foreshadowing of much exciting wallop to follow. Pre-power metal at it's finest, a traditional metal fan would be much pleased with the sonic might this album emits.

Standout tracks - Sign of Satan, Without You, Burning The Witches

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