Vectom – Speed Revolution

Vectom – Speed Revolution - 3/5

The mid 80s saw the emergence of another scene in Metal, the German Thrash scene, led by the trio of "Kreator", "Sodom", and "Destruction". That scene also led to the emergence of "Vectom" with their 1985 release "Speed Revolution". Although it isn't as good as classics that were released that year like "Infernal Overkill" and "Endless Pain", it did it what it's supposed to do.

Basically from the first song, "Speed Revolution", we get a feel of the album's nature, fast and aggressive. The guitar work is decent, with some melodies to the riffs, though I felt the band have been trying too hard with the solos; I felt they were over the top. The bass is what it had to be, moving fast with the pace of the guitars. It was neither too loud nor too low, with some nice moves on songs like "Loudness and Speed". The drum-work wasn't memorable, just playing along. The best aspect of the drums was the use of double-bass basically in every song. The lyrics are the casual themes we encounter with many "Thrash" bands, death, metal, evil…
The vocals are your typical "Thrash" vocals, though slightly lowered down to create a more evil, demonic sounding style. The album had its cheesy and corny side with songs such as "Loudness and Speed" and "Black Viper".

With a running time of 35:29 and an average song length of 03:30 minutes, there isn't much variety in the album. It's basic, straight to the point, and not that hard to get into. The production is alright, we can hear the instruments just fine, so no worries of trying to distinguish the bass for instance. All in all, "Vectom" were living to their song "Loudness and Speed". Any one who is interested in this stile should definitely check this out if he/she hasn't by now.

Highlights: Speed Revolution, Open the Coffin, Loudness and Speed, Satan's Colors