Toxik – Think This

Toxik – Think This - 5/5

Now why would I listen to an album I already listened to before? Am I just wasting time? Do I have nothing new to listen to? But actually, I listened to it all over again because it's that good! "Think This" by "Toxik" is a hidden gem in "Thrash Metal", not often we see or hear of people praising this album. This is "Technical Thrash" at its best, what's also great about this album is that we don't get lost with mindfucking technicalities, on the contrary, the album is quiet memorable with each song possessing and aura of its own. I don't think I embellish the album with unnecessary praise by saying this is what any thrasher desires it to be.

Now, where to begin with such an album? Basically every aspect in this album is great, but I choose to talk about the guitars first. With "Josh Christian" on lead and the addition of "John Donnelly" on back-up, "Toxik" emerged in a mightier wall of sound unlike their previous work. The riffing style can be seen similar to "Watchtower", but it's quiet "Toxik". They basically were an epithet to the song name "Technical Arrogance", some jaw dropping songs were delivered, yet no song was just a showing off their talent. The lead solos were the perfect mixture of classic and fast shred, with some well done dual solos here and there, not to forget the acoustic and classic breaks and fills we notice, similar to bands such as "Heathen". Each solo can be considered a signature. The vocals by "Charles Sabin" were really perfect to this album. Unlike many thrash vocalists that rely only on hitting high notes with their falsetto, which sometimes don't go too well with the guitars, "Sabin" was able to hit these high notes and was able to actually sing well! To me, my vote goes to "Spontaneous" or "Machine Dream" for best song from vocals wise. Any fan of the bass work by "Jason Newsted" when he was with "Flotsam & Jetsam" would definitely enjoy the work of "Brian Bonini" here. He is asserting his presence in this album. "Tad Leger" managed to bring a solid performance with drumming from beginning to end with highly accurate and complex work, just one listen to "Technical Arrogance" is enough to tell us his story. The lyrics were thoroughly enjoyable, with social and political commentary as the main themes here.

The production in this album is perfect for a "Thrash Metal". The bass is loud and clear, yet not too loud so we won't get annoyed. The way the guitars and vocals are synchronized together is neat, in a way it reminded me of the style found in 80s "Power/Speed Metal". I can't, with all honesty, think of anything wrong in this album. Every musician here is gifted and great, yet knows one is trying to show off. The songs in this album are diverse, from the thrashy "Shotgun Logic" to a ballad, not like "Nothing Else Matters", called "There Stood the Fence", to technical destruction with "Technical Arrogance". I wasn't bored, not a bit, while listening to it in the second time.

"Think This" is a must to any thrasher. Fans of bands like "Watchtower", "Voivod", "Flotsam & Jetsam", or "Spiral Architect" without a doubt shall enjoy this. "Toxik" were ambitious in this album, an their ambition wasn't wasted, but they delivered one of the best "Thrash Metal" albums I heard, and a really refined addition to metal in general. Each song is great; there is no filler in this album. I don't think any one shall be disappointed by checking this out.

Highlights: Spontaneous, Shotgun Logic, Black and White, Technical Arrogance, Machine Dream