Odious - Mirror Of Vibrations

Band : Odious
Album : Mirror Of Vibrations
Rating : 4/5
Link : http://www.mediafire.com/?m211cmj4it1

Odious is a melodic black metal band with oriental influences hailing from Egypt. Mirror Of Vibrations is their first studio album, and an impressive one it is. What makes this album shine out is the use of oriental instruments like Oud, Tabla which add a new refreshing sound.

The guitars have a raw sound with some fast yet memorable solos here and there, very catchy and melodic riffs are heard throughout the whole album. With the use of the Oud ( which is very much similar to acoustic guitars but much more oriental sounding ) giving the music a sort of different sound. The keyboards are very audible and play an important leading role in this album, along with the guitars. The drums are very good and well played throughout the whole album, some times they're quite fast, at other times their mid paced, which gives a sense of variation to their sound; One of the other oriental instruments used is the Tabla which has a very distinct sound but hard to describe, you'll know when they're being used, trust me.Vocals are mostly low pitched rasps, nothing too special, but fits the music perfectly.

The production - surprisingly - is quite good, all the instruments are audible and yet it managed to create a dark oriental sounding atmosphere.

If you're expecting a solid melodic black metal album, then this wont fail you, plus it has well used oriental instrumentation which always adds an interesting touch to the music, but in this album, plays a vital role.

Highlights: For The Unknown Is Horrid, Poems Hidden On Black Walls, Invitation To Chaotic.