Elder - Elder

Elder- Elder - 4/5

Due to the lack of good Doom reviews recently, I have decided to share this little gem with all of you. The aspect of the album that shocked me the most was that this album is the band's debut. Although there are only 5 tracks on the album, it clocks in at just under 42 minutes. Not too bad. Elder's influence is apparent throughout the album, and there is very little that separates this album from all-out Sleep worship. However, it is not necessarily a bad thing.

Although the riffage could have been written by Matt Pike himself, there are a few things that set the band apart from being simply another mediocre Sleep clone. Aside from the crushing riffs, the band incorporates several semi-psychedelic bridges and bluesy guitar solos, which were seamlessly integrated into the tracks. Also the band utilizes subtle and tasteful use of keys in just about every other track. These aspects keep the music incredibly fresh, while not letting up much in the intensity department.

The only disappointing track on the album, was Ghost Head. Simply because it seemed a little bit more superficial than the rest of the album. It is not a bad song by any means, it just seems a little out of place. Unfortunately, the track shows off a little of the band's immaturity by shoving an angst ridden anthem between two epic songs about Conan the Barbarian. This and the length of the album were kind of a let down. It was kind of like finishing the last piece of good dessert. Damn.

Overall, this is some of the best modern Stoner/Doom I have heard in a while. These guys are really talented and definitely a band to look out for in the future. It is the perfect album to cheef on. Plus, who doesn't like music about Conan The Fucking Barbarian? Recommended for fans of Sleep or Electric Wizard. Make sure to let me know what you think!

Highlights: White Walls, Hexe, Riddle Of Steel Pt.II