Mar De Grises - The Tatterdemalion Express

Band : Mar De Grises
Album : The Tatterdemalion Express
Link :
Rating : 4.5/5

Mar De Grises are a doom metal band originating from Chile. Honestly, I'am very picky when it comes to doom, meaning only few doom release manage to attain my interest and a most of them are death/doom. Now to just state they're doom metal wouldn't be fair. They mix various elements of different sub-genres of doom and blend them masterfuly to be honest, with the high sense of melody taken from melodic death metal - dont worry that's all they've taken of it - You find yourself upon a rather rarety of a doom metal album.

The song structures are quite interesting although it sticks to simple time signatures and non-complex transitons as there are many transitions thrroughout the whole album. The instruments, despite the high rating, are nothing special, not much of interesting guitar leads, spectacular drumming or special bass riffing. This really isnt due to the lack of talent of the band members, no, they show that they can be capable of technical music, but choose not to, but it's due to the fact they choose to work as one big instrument to serve the purpose of creating a romantic melancholic atmosphere, and they managed greatly to do so. Before moving on, I must emphasise on the keyboardist , I know I've said the instruments arent anything special, but the keyboard is, it works perfectly in the background without dominating other instruments but yet you can feel it's remarkable overwhelming presence, there's also a piano/keyboard solo " Self Portrait No.1 " which is quite beautiful really. The vocals are mostly high pitched - emotional - growls, with the presence of clean vocals in the more soothing sections of the tracks.

The production is great, all the instruments are audible , though not beeing clean for it's own sake, bottom line, fits the atmosphere created perfectly.

This is a great album for what it is, quite a treat for doom fans, and might appeal to non doom fans either.

Highlights : Self Portrait No.1 , Recklessness.