Hieronymus Bosch - The Human Abstract

Band : Hieronymus Bosch
Album : The Human Abstract
Link : http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?yjinzjdhtjm
Rating : 4/5

So, Upon debating whether Opeth should be labeled "Progressive death metal" , the name Hieronymus Bosch was mentioned as a good example of progressive death metal, so, I decided to check out this Russian band - I havent been impressed by the Russian DM scene to be honest - not knowing what to expect, I downloaded this album, upon first listen, this reminded me greatly of Atheist in the technicality, prominent and thick bass, and the guttural growls .

The songs structure is rather complex, as you're often surprised with always changing time signatures and many transitions where acoustic guitars are often used, but it's not too complex to repel you of the whole thing. The guitar leads are quite impressive , the riffs are catchy, harmonic and memorable, showing great level of technicality at the same time. The drumming is dominated by the guitars as it's really a guitar driven album, but has a solid presence nontheless with some shiny moments. The bass as previously mentioned plays an remarkable role in this album, adding depth to the tracks and melding greatly with the guitars. The vocals are nothing special , actually they rather sound boring , but doesnt affect the overall sound much. The production is good , instruments are audible , the drums being the less audible one though.

Now, the problem with this album is, the songs dont differ much from one another, not as in theyre boring, no, at all, but as if it's the same song being played over and over with just different - but great to be honest - riffs. Overall, this is a pretty solid album, decent listen , fans of bands like Atheist or Cynic should get this.

Highlights : Expectation Of Autumn, The Gardens Of Earthly Delights.


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I love the artist Hieronymous; But it is also a rad name for a band!