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Hai Karate – Hai Karate

Posted by T. Bawden Sunday, 14 June 2009

Hai Karate – Hai Karate – 3.5/5

Another one from Mans Ruin records, the record label who showed me ‘Greenmachine’ have presented to me on a silver platter a Punk band that could have been so much more. With energy coming out every orifice this band bounds on with catchy riffs, multi-layered harmonies and dirty guitar solo’s. With plenty of diversity throughout this albums course it provides an entertaining, but rather too short, splutter of in-your-face, high octane punk rock.

The guitars are thick and dirty, with a mean aggression they play a constantly changing array of chord sequences, the songs kept short enough that it doesn’t get old (clocking an average of just 2 minutes), and can survive a number of listens. Often contributing short solo’s to the track, whilst not the most technically capable each solo feels tailored to fit with the track. The bass sticks largely to the background, and the drums provide plenty of fills as it bombards you throughout the songs duration, and the multiple vocals give the final kick. In the classic Ramones ‘We can’t actually sing but we don’t care and will yell at you instead’ style, its earthy and shouted nature adds an aggressive touch that would be lost using a more conventional singer. With attitude he finalises a simplistic tone that needs nothing else. Except, of course more of it all.

This “album,” woefully clocks in at just 18 minutes, and passes by all too quickly. More suitable for a demo perhaps, it questions where did the rest go? And with no follow-up, this lone release gives a snippet into a band that could have been, a glimpse of an artist that for some reason, unfortunately, couldn’t quite make it.

Highlights: Bad Luck, Tear Your World in II, Get Off My Planet



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