Twyster - Lunatic Siren

TWYSTER - Lunatic Siren - 4/5

I love when this happens to me. I'm searching around for obscure or rarely talked about bands, and then something like TWYSTER falls into my lap. I had never previously heard of them, so I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the metal contained within their third release, 2002's Lunatic Siren.

Highly melodic power metal is the style that TWYSTER serve up, and serve it well they do. Sterling production(they're German for God's sake!!) accentuate the cruise and glide of the tasty treats that this album puts forth. Tons of guitar crunch, copious drum cannonades, and the soaring siren call of one Kordula “Coco” Voß lift each and every track up and away into the stratosphere of power glory. Hell, they even rev up A-HA's "The Sun Always Shines ON TV", and pull it off!!!!

And Coco really is this bands trump card. I was stunned at the similarity between her voice and that of metal's all time Metal Goddess, Doro Pesch(sorry Tarja fans). And this is of course not a slight in any way. If I wished to have a female vocalist sound like any other, Doro would be my pick every time. Coco makes every track her own, stamping them with the authority of her exceptional vocal prowess. Sexy, powerful, and expressive.

Ultimately, the comparisons with Doro and her old band WARLOCK do not end with Coco's voice. Lunatic Siren really sounds like a quality WARLOCK release. I was awash with nostalgic memories as I cycled through the albums cuts, remembering the initial thrill of hearing WARLOCK's Burning The Witches, or Hellbound for the first time. And I feel that this band equals them in most ways, indeed surpassing them in the realm of production and track consistency.

Great find, great treat for fans of both power metal and female led groups. Triumphant and exhilarating at every turn.

Standout tracks: May Day, Valhalla, High Noon, Dark Destiny.

By J. Costigan