Atmosphere - God Loves Ugly

Artist- Atmosphere
Album- God Loves Ugly
Released- 2002, but remastered 2009.
Rating- 4.5/5

Atmosphere is a duo, ANT is the producer, Slug the vocalist. These two have created a catchy, deep and unique album here in "GodlovesUgly". First of all the most unique thing about this album is not so much in the music but in the attitude.

A lot of rappers act like they're the best at what they do and everyone else is below them. There cockiness translates into battle rap style verses but not so much here in GLU. Slug comes off as likably and human, painting himself as a flawed and confused individual. His lyrics are often bleak and show very little strong emotions. His attitude is self-loathing and cold almost the whole time.

The topics of his lyrics range from relationships with women "Fuck you Lucy", post 9-11 paranoia "Vampires", and his after death legacy "Love Life". Slug is at his best when he is talking about relationships between people, showing his passion in Fuck you Lucy. Making it obvious he has had many issues with women and people in general. The only people that really get along in the whole album are him and another random women and they both die ironically in the last lines of the song.

ANT's production is varied but keeps a smooth flow through the whole album not getting in Slug's way but adding layers to the musicality of the album. Slug seems to be deeply conflicted on the inside but his rhymes stay fairly melancholy and stone cold. That's why it interesting that he ends up making himself likeable the longer he puts himself down.

Overall, a fantastic album that all of you should listen to a few times with an open mind.

By Y. Mormil


Adam L. said…
This is a great group and a great album!