The Wildhearts - The Wildhearts

The Wildhearts - The Wildhearts - 5/5

As has been my mission since forming our merry group of musical misfits, I have endeavored to inform - anyone who will listen - of bands that have fallen under the radar or been sadly overlooked in our never ending quest for the perfect soundtrack to our lives. The Wildhearts are one band that I've championed before and by God here comes the hype machine again!!!

This group has been toiling away since the late '80's, making some of the best damn rock records known to man, but outside of some well deserved recognition in England and the European mainland, they remain relatively unknown on a worldwide scale. This is quite unfortunate because this is THE band that should be the template of what rock radio should sound like.

And what is their sound? Well, they have been called punk rock, hard rock, pop metal, and many other things. Basically, they are unslottable, and this does my heart wonders in these times of genre and sub-genre overkill. If I was to venture to describe their sound, I would only be able to do it metaphorically. The Wildhearts sound like The Beatles and Cheap Trick chained to the hood of a super charged V-8 pick-up, piloted by Joe Strummer, with Lemmy in the shotgun seat, Hanoi Rocks playing in the flat bed, crashing into Metallica's tour bus!! Yeah, that's about right.

Infectious sky scraping choruses, riffs piled on high, and solid jobs in both the songwriting and production departments characterize each and every 'hearts platter, main man Ginger upholding a standard of quality in spite of much strife and upheaval within the organization. This is a band that survives like post apocalyptic cockroaches, no matter of obstruction getting in the way of building what has become one of the strongest discographies in the modern rock world.

2007's self titled album upholds everything that has made The Wildhearts such an interesting venture. Each and every characteristic is on full flare display, balls hanging out, tongue wagging, brash and berating. A triumph of perseverance, consummate talent, and die hard will, this album is a must hear(as every album before it) and will please any discerning music fan to no end. Brilliant.

For God's sake, buy this bands albums please!!!! I implore you, make The Wildhearts the millionaire superstars they deserve to be.

Recommended - The Sweetest Song, The Revolution Will Be Televised.

By J. Costigan