The Ferret’s top-10 of Post-Grunge: A Preface

The ferret’s top-10 of post-grunge

Post-Grunge is one of those genres that seems to be ignored, relegated to the bottom of the pile where generic nickelback and breaking Benjamin clones reside. Emerging in the early to mid-90s, literally meaning “after grunge” it’s a genre that takes its cues from the likes of Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains, taking the atmosphere and emotion prevalent in these bands and combining it with a more rock-style. Some view it as grunge going more mainstream, and whilst this isn’t necessarily wrong, it doesn’t show it in good light.

The genre can broadly be split into two sides, the more aggressive Chains inspired hard rock fusion which will no doubt be looked upon more favourably from the metal fans reading this, and the softer, more pop/rock inspired style, which for your convenience have been denoted with an asterisk. This is not a list of most popular, most successful or most influential artists in the genre – this is a list of my personal favourites.

Note: If anyone wonders where the review for #7 went, I had already reviewed it previous. Searching or clicking the link for it below will take you to it.

1) Stone Temple Pilots – No. 4

2) Goo Goo Dolls - Dizzy Up the Girl
3) Four Star Mary – Thrown to the Wolves
4) Bush – Razorblade Suitcase
5) Smashing Pumpkins – Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness
6) Maggot Brain – Second Chance
7) Cold – 13 ways to bleed on stage
8) Creed –Weathered *
9) Sponge – Wax Ecstatic
10) Matchbox 20 – Yourself or Someone Like You *