Cyclamen – Dreamers [EP]

Cyclamen – Dreamers [EP] – 4/5 (This is the promo material only).

So I should begin perhaps by explaining why I’m not uploading this one. Its pretty simple really, firstly, this is not a big band, buying the album would not go to some record label because indeed, he doesn’t have one. This is the work of one man and his guitar working part-time to pay for his rent whilst he works on his music. Quite frankly, the quicker we can get this guy working full-time on this project, the happier I’ll be. The second reason, is that the entire thing can be heard for free on his myspace site. Like it? It costs £2.50 to buy it. This isn’t a huge amount of money.

Ok, so what do they sound like? Well I guess not comparing them to sikth would be a big mistake, but he has succeeded in taking their sound and straddling either side of it, going both into a technical overdrive as well as softer emotional side to the sound, and both are done pretty damn well. His abilities at guitar are up there amongst the better in the genre, both in style, and his balance between melody and technicality. The vocals feel rather monotonous, but rarely draw too much focus, and considering the entire thing was written using a drum machine, it sounds impressive on that front.

If the technical approach isn’t your thing, skip down to ‘forgotten sky’ and you’ll see this isn’t a one-note-wonder we have on our hands here. We have an interesting and creative musician who still needs to get himself known, but is one that I’m gonna damn well keep an eye on.

Highlight: Never Ending Dream

By. T. Bawden