Stormhammer - Fireball

Stormhammer - Fireball - 2/5

If I really could sum up this review very shortly, I would do so by saying that the song titles are about as imaginative as the songs themselves. This is probably about as generic as it gets. Truthfully, it would be difficult for me to give a review that compares this music to the other bandwagon jumpers of the European power metal trend seeing as that I’m not completely keen on it however; I hoped that this would give me a less comparative view on this album.

Admittedly, the first track Seven Gates is quite catchy and it does tempt you to sing along due to the chorus. It must be stated though that the rest of the album was not at all memorable. There are parts of songs that may be impressive instrumentally and choruses that may be interestingly catchy but they fail to contribute to the album as a whole. One thing that I realized on my first listen was that I could not figure out when a song has ended or started. I hoped that this would change after more listens but I still could not discern song separation with the exception of the change to ballads. Regardless of whether it’s a good thing or not, I want to emphasize that all the songs do follow a common structure that most would easily consider repetitive.

There’s not much to be said about the production value. It’s nothing special but as a whole it doesn’t do anything to affect the listening experience in any positive or negative manner. It’s strange to note that the instruments are balanced and there are some parts of songs that make you notice the technical potential for the artists but it really seemed like there was no attempt to create something different. No instrument stands out and along with vocal layering, are used to an acceptable point. The vocalist is nothing special. In general, when he does not use his high pitched voice, he goes into another raspy voice that really sounds quite dull.
If you’re into completely generic power metal, then by all means, get this album. All the mediocrity almost gives the impression that there was very little effort put into this album considering how much room there is for improvement.

D. Dhummakupt