Rottrevore - Iniquitous

Band: Rottrevore
Album: Iniquitous (1993)
Genre: Death Metal
Country: USA
Rating 4/5

Right off the bat I knew that I was going to enjoy this album, An OSDM album full of political messages. Except the first 10 times I have listened to this album all the way through, I didn’t listen to it right. The track listing on my computer was out of order; I didn’t even know it was until I went to write this review. Examining the artwork, it’s a horned demon coming out a tunnel that looks strangely like a uterus. But really it’s just a waterfall going through some cave with other demons chilling upside down on the top of it.

Now on to the music its self. The first track titled “Jesters Of Recession” is quite relevant today seeing how here in America we are in a Recession! With lyrics like:

“Liberty and justice for no one
Recession times for everyone
Apathy is getting stronger towards the tax payers
Who the hell are you to judge others

You're just a pawn trying to play king
A jester in puppet masters clothing
Shelf your apathetic dogma
No remorse or salvation
The punishment and losses created
You put yourself above others

In your own mind you're higher than most
Actually your political poison has paralyzed the public trust in the system and diminishing their hope
Forget the laws and jurisdiction
Cut the red tape of bureaucratical pride
Sew a net of honesty and trust and wear it as a symbol of the people
Not your ignorance and greed for your own personal goal
Disposable friends at the expense of their pride
You're also conceited and unaware”

It sorta makes you chuckle because of the current politics in America. The guitar tone is very heavy, even comparable to “Effigy of the Forgotten”-era Suffocation, but a little more melody to it. The bass is very audible, which is a good thing imo. It really reinforces the riffs that are lain down by Mark Mastro and Chris Weber. They also do a duo vocal delivery throughout the whole album. The soloing isn’t anything to write back home to your mom about, but they fit the songs and come in at the right times. Drumming isn’t anything spectacular. Just traditional death metal drumming, hi hat and double bass/snare. But not constant blasting, more of a rock and roll beat. Every once in a while you get a cool beat or fill.

The whole album has the same feel to it. There are no songs that sound different then the other song, this IS death metal. There are a few stand out songs in my mind though for the sheer heaviness of them though. “Actions for Loss” and “Unbeknownst” a instrumental outro for the album are quite heavy. The breakdown in “Actions for Loss” around the 2:10 or 2:15 mark is pretty cool and fits the music very nicely.

All in all I would say that this is a very solid release from a old school band that doesn’t get much attention. Its not a ground breaking album or genre defining. It’s just a band grinding out some well produced death metal.

FUN FACT: Mark designed the logo for many famous death metal bands including: Immolation, Funerus and Abominator.

By C. Dickinson