Rage - The Missing Link

Rage - The Missing Link - 5/5
Link Missing

I wanted to post an epic review like Tom and Collin. I "hymmmmmed". I "hawwwwwed". I cannot. So in lieu;

If you don't own this album, you's a sucka!!!!!!!!

Best Tracks:
1. Firestorm
2. Nevermore
3. Refuge
4. The Pit And The Pendulum
5. From The Underworld
6. Certain Days
7. Who Dares
8. Wake Me When I'm Dead
9. Lost In The Ice
10. Her Diary's Black Pages
11. The Missing Link
12. Raw Caress

What can I say? 'Cept I hope Thomas posts this travesty!!!

By J.Costigan

EDIT: This ONE time.
ONCE! Next time it sits on the sidelines. As a side-note, whilst not my favourite Rage album, this is definately a great place to start. And yes, its highly recommended that you do start. - Tom


Anonymous said…
Ironically, this link is missing !

Great blog btw - taken a few cuts for my collection ;-)

Tom B said…
Lol, I only have "speak for the dead" still on my pc, or I'd re-up it. Im sure there's another copy around though; its not exactly one of the more obscure things posted here :P