Legend Maker - Lies Bleeding the Blind

Legend Maker - Lies Bleeding the Blind - 4.5/5

So, in my hunt for something hidden and brilliant, after sifting through some right turkeys, I came across Legend Maker. I put it on, and was blown away.

This album starts with a great instrumental intro, full of crushing riffs with plenty of urgency. This is just scratching the surface of the talent this band clearly has, and I was waiting with baited breath to hear what the vocalist sounded like...

The first proper track leads on from the instrumental with some nice keyboard work, then bursts into a pacey Gamma Ray-style Euro-Power riff. The vocals finally kick in and, to be honest, I was a little underwhelmed. They're a little textbook for Power metal, but nevertheless there is a great chorus (the only real orthodox chorus on the album) to retain interest along with a truely magical guitar harmony, further pushing the musical prowess of Legend Maker's members.

We roll into the next track, At the End (Millennium), which begins in much the same way as opener, with atmospheric keys moving into some great guitar work. The composition between the guitars and keys is truely masterful, soaring and beautifully constructed. After a little pause with a little more atmosphere provided the keyboarder, the track crashes into a furious, almost Iced Earth-style riff melding into yet more spectacular composition. The vocalist now shows his pedigree, with some truely inspired falsetto vocal stylings.

Then we have a two-parter, by the name Skies of Scorpio, which is again excellent, with some beautiful piano work. The transition between the two parts is very bizarre, and sounds almost disjointed but in no way dtreacts from the enjoyment. In the second part the vocalist shows his scope, sounding furious at times, which compliments yet MORE fantastic guitar work.

It's around now that you start to fully take in how unique this album is. It's not difficult to swallow, and remains Power to it's very core, but manages to mould so many sub-genres seamlessly. It all just works so well. The Columbian Folk segment is fantastic, and really keeps the album fresh and gives it an epic feel. Hell, there's even a tiny dose of Black/Death metal, and the last track sounds a little Avant-Guarde at times. The production is nigh on perfect, the excellent bass is perfectly audible and nothing has too much sheen or polish on it.

Overall, I've been repeatedly listening to and digesting this album. It's just so fresh, but without sounding so dramatically unconventional (like, say, Behold... The Arctopus), which makes it accessable, but by no means noob material. I cannot recommend this band enough, this album has really taken over my aural life recently, and I can see it being just as brilliant for years to come. This band needs more attention, and everybody needs to listen to this album, wether you're a Power metal fiend or not. Listen to it.


By C. Bidwell