Tyran Pace – Long Live Metal

Tyran Pace – Long Live Metal – 3.5/5

And back on track with a ballsy old school Heavy Metal album. Kicking off “Shockwaves” with a great riff reminding me somewhat of riot – undervalued and well executed, but unlike riot it doesn’t let up with subsequent tracks. In fact, if theres a weakness to be found here is that there aren’t enough of those toe-tappingly good riffs. The choruses tend to end up with an attempt at a catchy vocal work over a few chords, and unfortunately it doesn’t really do it for me.

The drumming is good, if not spectacular, the vocals are very reminiscent of helloween in that poweresque high pitched catchy tone, and as previously mentioned, the guitar work is excellent, and that includes the solos. There’s nothing here that’s done badly, but it overall has a feeling that you’ve heard it all before. There’s nothing that stands out, no especially good, or quick paced – or even slow paced – track. It quickly turns into background music. The highlights come from how easily it sticks in your mind, of which “Wheels of Love” easily comes out top, with a quick riff, amongst the best on the album and a chorus which will stay in your mind for a while this is an example of the best the band has to offer.

This isn’t a bad album, its just not terribly original. Recommended for those in need of a nostalgia kick, or getting tired of their old helloween collection.

Highlights: Red Sweat, Wheels of Love, Night of the Wolves

By T. Bawden