Profugus Mortis - So it Begins

Profugus Mortis - So it Begins - 4/5

I would hesitate to call this black metal, of any variety. The album is definitely melodic, and has big symphonic, or at least folk, traits. However, black metal this is not. The only part of this that could even begin to be called black is the vocalist, and he employs death growls almost as often as black shrieks. He also does a better job at the growls.

With that out of the way, this is a great album. I have some minor complaints, but these Canadians do a great deal more right then they do wrong. The vocalist I mentioned earlier is full of energy and enthusiasm, and pulls off this really well. It's my opinion that black metal shouldn't sound this excited, but that is irrelevant to how great he is and what he adds to every piece.

Do you know that old adage " A keyboard can add a thousand different layers to your band; pick two and use them on every song"? Not this guy. He is constantly present, which I would normally frown on, but is being dozens of different instruments, which not only give this extra depth, but receive certain spotlights that accentuate just how good this guy can be.

The violinist (yeah, the band has an actual violinist, which is why I think flok metal is a better label) is f5rankly astounding. I'm no judge of violin technicality, but he seems to put the guitarist to shame. Actually, compared to the violin/keyboard/vocals, the rest of the band is rather superfluous.

The bass is generally unheard, and even the drums are rather buried for my taste. This doesn't take away from what's going on, that's just my reason for a lack of commentation. The other complaint I have is the track layout. I truly wish that the band had place the first two tracks as filler tracks through the rest of the album, because they are the weakest here. The main reason for the delay in this review was how hard it was to get into this band with those two significant roadblocks.

By C. J. Ulferts