Buffalo – Volcanic Rock – 4.5/5

Are you getting tired of your old Deep Purple and Sabbath CDs? Fear you may be over-listening them? Or wish people would remember to solo as well as they used to? Then you probably need this.

Hailing from the land of the aussies, only a few years after Sabbath formed, comes what quite possibly might be the first Australian heavy metal band. With Sabbath-esque riffing, solo’s to put blackmore in his place and a perfectly capable vocalist this band kicks off with A quick introductory solo to a decent beat and bass line before getting underway with heavy metal bliss.

The classic rock sound is prevalent, with a dollop of stoner rock (which is actually really odd, as this came out 15 years before the first stoner bands started emerging. But it describes the sound) and maybe a hint of prog at times, there isn’t really a weak point to mention.

Their heavy blues-crunch (see the start of freedom) works wonderfully with the beefy, gritty rock vocals. And right now, im honestly running out of things to say. The riffs are at times reaching Iommi level of good, the composition is like an overly aggressive Zeppelin, the solo’s are approached in a similar style as Deep Purple, and the vocals are best described as like the vocalist for clutch. In fact, the only negative I have is that the opening track neither acts as a slow intro track, nor an all out fit of aggression. It sounds like your coming into the album halfway through.

This album should be up there with the best from Sabbath or Zeppelin, and anyone reading this who’s failed to mention this band to me, you really suck. Hard.

Highlights – Sunrise, Pound of Flesh, Shylock.

Buffalo – Only Want you for your body – 4/5

Here we have more of the same hard rock attitude, with less emphasis on the prog. It doesn’t slow down in pace, but this leads it to get a little bit repetitive at times, and something wasn’t as memorable as on volcanic rock. Still, good album, if not terribly very different from their last.

Highlights: Im a skirt lifter not a shirt raiser, Whats going on, United Nations

By T. Bawden